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Provides Web Hosting with Cloud Support. Top notch professional data centres, guarantee ultra-speed and smooth connection across Hong Kong and Mainland China with dedicated optical fibre cable. Full upgrade to SSD Solid State Drive to optimize data transfer speed and stability. Established since 1997, Timway is your reliable choice of IT solutions.

Timway is devoted to data security, we are proud to offer industry-leading security measures to protect the interests of our clients: SSL encrypted web management interface, SSL encrypted data transfer technology, Secure Shell, RAID Protected Storage etc.

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Why Choose Timway Web Hosting?

  • 24 Hotline:
  • Free:Raise your site ranking among Hong Kong search engines
  • FreeSophisticated anti-spam system, protect you from 97% junk mail.
  • High speed and stable connection: favorable to your web site ranking among search engines, for ‘connectivity’ is one of the key factors affecting ranking
  • Firewall, Hack prevention and anti-DoS feature
  • Worldwide high speed and stable email function: Seamless SMTP Port with SSL encryption allows users to send and receive emails quickly and securely anywhere the world
  • Hongkong-China Link: Dedicated optical fiber to Mainland China to ensure smooth incoming and outgoing email delivery
  • Ad-free email interface: User privacy guaranteed
  • All email accounts are compatible with web mail, iPhone, Android, and other popular smart devices.
  • Careful control on "user to server ratio", ensuring all valued customers can enjoy ultra-high speed service
  • Clear charging scheme: all service fees could be settled by one-off payment via "bank-in" or "cheque", customers could avoid being charged uninformed by "recurrent fee"
  • Easy application: all service fees are pre-paid at a fixed lump sum with exact contract period. "Renewal Invoice" would be issued to the registered mailbox towards service due date, customers could simply renew the service by settling the renewal payment.
  • Established in 1997, your reliable choice of IT solutions


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Cloud Web Hosting Package Basic

High Speed RAID Protected
Web Storage Space

Monthly Fee HK$28 HK$38 HK$68 HK$128 HK$238 HK$398
(Fair use policy)
(Fair use)
(Fair use)
(Fair use)
(Fair use)
(Fair use)
(Fair use)
Minimum Prepaid Period 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 6 months 6 months
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Email Feature            
POP3/IMAP Account


8 10 20 30 60
Email Storage Space (Standalone) 20GB 40 GB 90 GB 200 GB 400 GB 600 GB
Email Account Max Size (each) 20GB 20GB 20GB 20GB 20GB 20GB
Email Alias Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL https Webmail
Support POP3 / IMAP
6 Stage Spam Filtering System
Black List / White List
SMTP Port (25,26,465,587)
Email monitoring
BCC in/out email to Boss
Support Microsoft Outlook,
Mac Mail, Apple iPhone / iPad,
Android, BlackBerry
Support Eurdora,
Mozilla Thunderbird
Mailing List
Virus Filtering
Balanced Web Access            
Round Robin DNS
Site ranking and marketing            
Register search engines  
Hong Kong Server
Sitemap setup / optimizing --- ---
Free site ranking
Professional advice
--- ---
List in relative high position on
Timway web directory search
--- ---
List in relative high position on
Timway web directory
keyword search
--- ---
APC Support
Database feature            
Mysql 5.1 / 5.5 database --- ---
phpMyAdmin --- ---
Hacking prevention feature            
sFTP safe file transfer
Support SMTP-SSL
SSL Webmail
Safe SSL Web Base
Website Management Interface
Disaster Recovery System
File Management Tools            
Web Base File Management
Web / Email Transfer Service --- ---
Support Perl 5.8.8
Support PHP5.4~PHP5.6
(also provide PHP5.2~PHP5.3 support)
Support Zend Guard Loader
Support Zend Optimizer
Support GD Library
Support PHP cURL
Ruby on Rails Environment --- ---
Support AJAX
Support .htaccess
Support mod_rewrite
Free Perl Module Installnation
Server Side Includes
CGI Scripts
Support rm, avi, asf, wmv
Support WAP, WML, XML
Advance Feature            
Subdomain --- 3 10 20 20 Unlimited
Domain Alias Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Password Protected Directory
Other Feature            
Account Management 24 hour 24 hour 24 hour 24 hour 24 hour 24 hour
24 Monitoring
Backup Service
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  web hosting 網頁寄存 免費試用 7 天

Web Hosting 99% Uptime Guarantee

Web Hosting 99% Uptime Guarantee

Web Hosting 24 Hour Online

Web Hosting Https Support



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web hosting 網頁寄存 Visa

web hosting 網頁寄存 HSBC

web hosting 網頁寄存 Master Card

web hosting 網頁寄存 支付寶

One of the best web hosting partner
One of the most reliable web hosting company in HK

Web Hosting Feature

Email Auto-Reply

Secure Shell Access 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
Email Forward Web Statistics 24/7 Hotline Support
High Speed RAID Drive Mail Monitor (Send to Boss) .htaccess file Support
Backup Server    


Supported Safety Related Feature Only support by a few web hosting companies in Hong Kong

SSL Transfer

Secure Shell function SSL Web Base Site Management
Domain Registration

Referral Program:

From now on, as our existing client, if you refer you friends and relatives to join our web hosting service successfully, you will get Park'N Shop cash coupon up to HK$200.

For the first time web hosting fee
(Net amount without domain registration fee)
Number of Park'N Shop HK$50 Coupon you get
HK$600 or above 1
HK$1,200 or above 2
HK$1,800 or above 3
HK$2,380 or above 4
Web Hosting Referral Program Coupon

Maximum of four HK$50 coupons will be offered per referral case。


Value added service:

Timway provide other value added service, for details, please visit: Value Added Service



  • Domain name registration was not included in the above web hosting plan;
  • You may transfer your existing domain name to Timway or apply a new domain name service.
  • In all domain name registration service provide by Timway, Timway is a technical representative and client is the domain registrant which own the domain.
  • Unlimited usage definition may refer to service terms and conditions

When you continue to apply Timway service, it means that you have read, understood and agree to accept all the content of agreement, privacy policy and spamming policy


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